What Does “Natural” Even Mean?

Over the past few decades, there has been a growing trend toward the use of fewer chemicals and more minimally processed products. These changes have been evident in several industries, including cleaning products, cosmetics, and most certainly in the food industry. This shift in consumer preference is especially clear in the grocery aisles, where words… Continue reading What Does “Natural” Even Mean?

JOIN The Fuel Up Nutrition (FUN) Fall Challenge

Halloween is coming, and I am sure many of you will fall prey to post-traumatic candy consuming disorder (completely made this up). Let's put a stop to the post-Halloween candy consumption and develop healthy eating habits just in time for the Holiday Season. Let's not wait until the new year to develop a new you!… Continue reading JOIN The Fuel Up Nutrition (FUN) Fall Challenge

Elimination Diets . . . The Ill-Effects

I can guarantee we’ve all heard the success stories of people eliminating carbs or gluten from their diets and losing a desirable amount of weight as well as gaining health benefits. These stories have likely made us consider adopting the diet ourselves without the supervision or guidance from a health professional. So, what’s the worst… Continue reading Elimination Diets . . . The Ill-Effects

A Personal Review of Today’s Most Popular Nutrition Apps

Over the summer I had the pleasure of having two volunteers work with me at Fuel Up Nutrition. One of the projects I had planned was to create a personal review of today's most popular nutrition apps. I had one of my volunteers download 5 of the most common nutrition apps on today's market. She… Continue reading A Personal Review of Today’s Most Popular Nutrition Apps

Nutrition Knowledge VS Accountability

When I first entered the practical field of nutrition I was a book of knowledge. I wanted to share all the new information I learned with everyone. I can still remember reciting the process of Maillard browning to my family at the dinner table. My top priority at that time was to provide as much… Continue reading Nutrition Knowledge VS Accountability

Another reason to choose BALANCED EATING!

WHAT COULD HAPPEN IF I EAT TOO MUCH PROTEIN? First off, what are proteins? They are one of three macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. Macronutrients are nutrients that give the body energy. Carbohydrates and fat are the main energy sources, with protein being a minor energy source. Therefore, the recommended daily macronutrient intake range is… Continue reading Another reason to choose BALANCED EATING!