Nutrition Knowledge VS Accountability

When I first entered the practical field of nutrition I was a book of knowledge. I wanted to share all the new information I learned with everyone. I can still remember reciting the process of Maillard browning to my family at the dinner table. My top priority at that time was to provide as much… Continue reading Nutrition Knowledge VS Accountability

Improve Your Eating Habits with Mindfulness

"There has been a great deal of hype around Mindfulness in 2017. Furthermore, people are recognizing its importance in developing a healthy relationship with food and better eating habits.  One may ask – how does mindfulness improve nutrition? GREAT QUESTION. Let’s take a closer look at what mindfulness is and how we can incorporate it… Continue reading Improve Your Eating Habits with Mindfulness

Ditch The Meal Plan

One of the first questions I am asked is “Can you make me a meal plan?”. This is often followed by “Just tell me what to eat!”. I was not opposed to meal plans when I first entered the nutrition field. After spending years in the classroom and reading textbooks, I believed that a calculated… Continue reading Ditch The Meal Plan